My Cue Card was a rather large and complex development for a local marketer aspiring to start a nation-wide discount system for initially just restaurants, but soon expanding into other areas of retail. There are actually 3 websites that go with this development, a main site, an administrative back end and a profile site for restaurant (business) owners to edit their profiles, upload their menus and add photos to their slideshows.


The design was entirely custom and tailored to the client’s liking. All branding was our own work, with guidance from the client.


The main site, “”, has a participating establishment search area where visitors can type in their zip code, filter by category and name of establishment, and specify how many miles from your location you’d like to search within. The user will then get results, in order from nearest to farthest of any establishments participating in the discount program. The user can then view any one of the establishments’ location details, map location, an image slideshow managed by the establishment owner, and much more. Reviews of the quality of service can also be posted by logged in members of the site and are automatically moderated and submitted for approval on the back end.


The main site also allows business owners to submit an application to become part of the program, and edit their applications if they have no been viewed yet. Visitors can buy a Cue Card right on the website and submit questions via the contact form.


There is a rather large administrative back end that allows the client to manage registered establishments, user accounts (even down to whether or not they are a partnered salesman and their progress), Cue Card purchases, contact submissions and reply delegations, and much more. and it’s other 2 child sites all run off of a Model View Control (MVC) framework and are very efficient.


Unfortunately in mid 2012, DEG Marketing LLC made the decision to change their business focus and opted to withhold the MyCueCard website from further usage until further notice. You can still access a live demonstration of the website at